Professional Certificate in Infrastructure of the Metaverse


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Metaverse: 12 Jul, 13 Jul 2023 | 9am-5.30pm | Classroom Learning
Cloud Computing for Metaverse:
20 Jul, 21 Jul 2023 | 9am-5.30pm | Classroom Learning
Blockchain, Internet-Of-Things, and Ubiquitous AI for Metaverse: 24 Jul, 25 Jul 2023 | 9am – 5.30pm | Online

Duration: 6 Days

Course Objectives

This PC will equip learners with the following competencies:

  • Understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play an integral role in the foundation and development of Metaverse
  • Design a viable business idea using AI and ML to support the Metaverse
  • Learn how cloud computing plays a role in the metaverse
  • Gain an understanding of the various cloud technologies required for metaverse and immersive technology applications
  • Understand how Blockchains, the Internet of Things, and ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in the Metaverse.
  • Discover the benefits of applying disruptive technologies (Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence) in the Metaverse

Job Role Readiness

This PC will prepare learners in the following job roles to perform their responsibilities more effectively:

  • Executives, Developers, Designers and Managers in IT-related fields, business development, strategic planning, operations, Cloud Engineers, and Infrastructure Architects

Who Should Attend

This programme is designed for professionals and mid-career Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs).


  • At least a polytechnic diploma
  • Some knowledge and understanding of immersive technologies and the metaverse
  • Basic metaverse knowledge

Course Conveners

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ddddd Ai Xin

Dr Ai XinDr Ai Xin

ddddd Amirhassan Monajemi

Dr Amirhassan MonajemiDr Amirhassan Monajemi

ddddd Ganesh Neelakanta Lyer

Dr Ganesh Neelakanta LyerDr Ganesh Neelakanta Lyer

ddddd Lu Weiquan

Dr Lu WeiquanDr Lu Weiquan

Course Fees

Singapore Citizens
39 years old or younger
40 years old or older
Singapore PRs
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
International Participants

Total Nett Programme Fee Payable, Including GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes

Participants must fulfill at least 75% attendance and pass all assessment components to be eligible for SSG funding.

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Course Codes:
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Metaverse
TGS-2022015679 / TGS-2022015678 (Synchronous e-learning)

Cloud Computing for Metaverse
TGS-2022015666 / TGS-2022015672 (Synchronous e-learning)

Blockchain, Internet-Of-Things, and Ubiquitous AI for Metaverse
TGS-2022017238 / TGS-2022017239 (Synchronous e-learning)

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