Self-directed Online Programmes

NUS ACE has collaborated with 2 established online education providers, 2U/ GetSmarter and Emeritus, to offer a series of Self-directed Online Programmes for leaders and practitioners in major industries across sectors and functions that include information and communication technology, banking and finance, logistics and supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare, and e-commerce.

The topics that will be covered are in line with the programmes offered by NUS ACE, including Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning; Business Analytics & Data Science; Digital Transformation & Change Leadership; FinTech & Blockchain; Software Programming; and UX/UI Design, among others.

The self-directed learning methodology gives the individual autonomy over their own learning, as guided by NUS ACE subject matter experts and highly trained faculty. Participants take ownership and responsibility for how they will learn based on parameters and objectives set by the course facilitator.

Classes will be conducted online and can be taken individually or as a group. Participants in Self-directed Online Programmes can set their own objectives and outcomes based on personal interests, inclinations, strengths, and time constraints. The role of the facilitator extends to helping students manage and monitor their learning goals and timeline for completion.

As part of their learning journey, participants will acquire the critical skills and working knowledge to help their teams, organisations, or businesses sharpen their competitive edge and accelerate their growth, especially in the context of today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

They can acquire capabilities for real-world applications, relevant techniques for transition into new job roles, expertise in leading teams, or solving real-world business problems, to name a few. Upon programme completion, participants will be awarded with a verified digital certificate from NUS ACE.

GetSmarter, a partner of edX, delivers online education from world-leading universities and institutions to transform the lives of thousands of students across the globe. GetSmarter’s online certificate courses are designed to advance the career of business leaders and working professionals, fitting in with their busy lifestyle. Each course is expert-led, fully supported and community-based, helping the learners build career-critical skills.

2U, GetSmarter’s parent company, offers high-quality online education and services that span free courses to degree programmes

Emeritus’ short courses, degree programmes, professional certificates, and senior executive programmes help individuals learn new skills and transform their lives, companies and organisations. Emeritus’ approach to learning is built on a cohort-based design to maximise peer-to-peer sharing and includes video lectures with world-class faculty and hands-on project-based learning. Its unique model of state-of-the-art technology, curriculum innovation, and hands-on instruction from senior faculty, mentors and coaches has educated more than 250,000 individuals across 80 countries.

Founded in 2015, Emeritus, part of the Eruditus Group has more than 2300+ team members globally and offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore, Palo Alto, Mexico City, New York, Boston, London, and Dubai.