Professional Certificate in Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

Acquire the skills to effectively improve productivity and increase revenue for your organisation

Professional Certificate in Fintech

Develop Fintech-specific skills and gain a firmer foothold in the job market

NUS Digital Transformation Programme

Leap ahead in the digital programme

Professional Certificate in Digital Product Management

Manage your Digital Products and Services in the Digital Economy

Design Thinking for Impact in Non-Profit Organisations

Build human-centered design capabilities

Professional Certificate in Metaverse-ready Immersive Experiences

Experiencing the Metaverse through Virtual and Augmented Reality

Professional Certificate in Governance, Risk and Data Breach Management

Establish a robust data protection framework and manage the business risk for your organisation

What We Do

Our goal is to educate executives and ICT professionals in leveraging digital technology towards transforming business, organisations and society.



Training and learning experiences to enhance the workforce quality in the ICT sector



Technology transfer and solutions to help companies embark on digital transformation



Engaging webinars, multimedia lessons, and online resources to complement your learning

Our Objectives

We work with industry partners and government towards workforce development and industry growth.

Equip ICT Professionals with foundational to advanced-level digital skills to enhance competency

Training, retraining and redirecting PMETs to the high-growth ICT sector

Adopt a 3-in-1 approach of training, mentorship and technology solution-ing to organisations for digital transformation projects

Deliver MasterClass and ICT management programmes for senior managers

Our Key Thrusts

Enhance the workforce quality in the ICT sector

Increase the quantity of ICT workforce

Help organisations go digital

Programme Tracks


for Senior Management


for ICT Professionals


for Mid-career Switchers

Dr Chan Mun Kitt

“In today’s digital era, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has become one of the fastest growing job sectors, providing thousands of jobs to skilled professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs). ACE’s mission is to provide practical, job-oriented technical training and computing education according to the demands of the ICT sector. We provide high-quality continuing education and training (CET) to the workforce, with an emphasis on interactive learning methodology.”

Dr Chan Mun Kitt
Senior Director, Advanced Computing for Executives
Head, Executive Education



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What is UI and interaction design? Interaction design is a fascinating field. It is where designers put customers at centre stage, and ask: How do I give my users a great experience while using a product or service?

Want to make a good app? Update often and get customers involved

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Advanced Computing for Executives – Executive Education, NUS Computing

Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE) was established to help Business Leaders and Computing Professionals to learn about emerging technology and how to harness them for digital transformation and business competitiveness.

Customised Programmes –
Advanced Computing for Executives, NUS

ACE offers courses that address specific issues or learning paths catering to particular career objectives. We are able to customise our courses to match your specific needs.

Executive & Professional Development Programmes

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Business Analytics & Data Science

Cloud Computing & Internet of Things

Cybersecurity & Data Governance

Digital Business & Technopreneurship

Digital Health & Nursing Informatics

Digital Technology & Innovation Management

Digital Transformation & Change Leadership

Education Technology & Learning Design

Emerging & Disruptive Technologies

FinTech &

Interactive Media Development & Metaverse

Software Programming & Networking

UX/UI Design & Digital Product Management
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