Customised/Tailored Programmes

From time to time, organisations and individuals may require courses that address specific issues, or they would like to have a learning path catered to their career objectives . ACE offers courses in the latest technologies and strategies and we are able to customise our courses to match your specific needs.

NUS ACE can craft custom programmes for organisations or individuals who need to achieve a certain level of knowledge and competency within a specific time-frame. Faculty members from ACE will meet with your development team to devise specific courses and programmes which can be expanded or adapted to meet your specific needs, and help identify the benefits of the training.

How can NUS ACE custom programmes help your organisation?

Hear from the Participants

“We apply design thinking in most of our meetings. Prior to attending the training,
there was debate and it took longer to come up with the solution. The design thinking approach helps to achieve quicker agreement from different participants. With Power BI training, I have learnt how to use PBI to gain deeper insight on data. It is an user friendly and advanced application, however it requires training for participants to practice more often in order to add value to the bank”.
– Mr Tung,
Initiative Expert – Techcom Bank

“The training is very good because it is practical. The participants from different departments have the opportunity to interact with one another and discuss the plan
for execution using design thinking.”
– Ooi Woan Huey,
Head of Segmentation, Business Banking – Techcom Bank

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