NUS Digital Transformation Programme

NUS Digital Transformation is a must to grow your company!

Digital transformation is no longer an option. As the world becomes increasingly digital, there is a need to transform your business to remain relevant and competitive. Demands from customers are increasing and companies within industries facing fierce competition. Integrating digital technology into aspects of a business to fundamentally change how they operate and deliver value to their customers is what’s needed to survive and thrive.

This Digital Transformation Programme is a whole rounded programme that offers the participants the latest insights on various digital technologies widely used in the industry, and pre-eminently by companies that have walked the transformation path with years of successes and failures. The participants will learn through live sessions, small group work with fellow participants, hands-on practice, and conversations with NUS faculty and industry experts on some of today’s most cutting-edge topics. 

This series of Professional Certificates will help you to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow and it will drive innovation in the company.

Training Roadmap

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ccccc Tan Chuan Hoo

Assoc Prof Tan Chuan HooAssoc Prof Tan Chuan Hoo

eeeee Ng Tiong Gee

Ng Tiong GeeMr Ng Tiong Gee

Insight from Course Convener

“The goal of a corporation in pushing for digital transformation is to reimagine the way it develops digital capabilities, builds resilience and agility. It is not a responsibility that can be outsourced; rather it has to be internally and meticulously developed (coming from inside rather than acquire from outside). Digital transformation is not to mimic some good practices but to internalise, challenge, and create effective practices. This Digital Transformation Programme provides a total solution in developing, implementing, monitoring, and fine-tuning the digital transformation strategy in an agile manner. Almost all companies, be it for-profit or not-for-profit, are looking in digital transformation. Taking this professional certificate shall prepare you for such role or participation in the companies.”
– Prof Tan Chuan Hoo

Industry Expert Sentiment

“Digitalisation is no longer a good to have. Companies that do not adapt will cease to exist as they will lack the competitive edge. However, many smaller companies do not know where to start and when they start, they do not know how to sustain. This programme aims to guide individuals and companies through a structured process in implementing Digitalisation. Participants will be able to craft a digitalisation journey for their company as well as the implementation plan taking advantage on funded solutions.”

– Mr Ng Tiong Gee