Advanced Professional Certificate in Fintech


Professional Certificate in FinTech Associate (Level 1)
FinTech: Concepts, Cases and Technology:
To be advised

Design Thinking: Creative and Strategic Business Solutions:
To be advised

Beyond Disruptions: Digitalising Financial Services:
To be advised

Delight Customers and Protect Privacy with AI and Blockchain:
To be advised

Professional Certificate in FinTech Developer (Level 2)
Developers Toolkit Part 1: Connecting the Frontend:
27 Feb, 28 Feb 2024 | 9am-5.30pm | Online

Developers Toolkit Part 2: Middleware to Backend:
To be advised 

APIs and RPA: Automation, Bots and Future:
2 Oct, 4 Oct 2023 | 9am-1pm | Online

Professional Certificate in FinTech Senior Developer (Level 3)
DevOps: Build, Deploy and Monitor:
7 Oct, 14 Oct, 21 Oct 2023 | 9am-12.30pm (except on 14 Oct which will take place from 9am-5.30pm) | Online

Making Contracts Smart with Blockchain:
23 Oct 2023 | 9am to 5.30pm | Online

Algo-Trading, Theory and Practice:
17 Nov, 20 Nov, 24 Nov 2023 | 9am-5.30pm | Online

Duration: 18 Days

The Advanced Professional Certificate in Fintech was created for people to learn and be inspired to consider a career in the fast-growing field of FinTech.

With more than 25,000 technology jobs now open in Singapore, employers are on the lookout for qualified professionals who are willing and able to take the bold step to fill up the positions.

NUS ACE has designed a training programme that:

  1. Launches you on a journey of understanding and appreciation of FinTech and its importance
  2. Teaches you vital front-end/backend programming and other skills crucial to the sector
  3. Enriches your portfolio with real-word demonstrated capabilities that employers are looking for

To this end, we worked closely with companies and global standard organisations to ensure that the programme is in line with the industry requirements and abreast of international trends.

Learning Outcomes

Through the programme, you will be able to:

  • Develop FinTech specific skills
  • Concepts, Cases and Technology Comparison
  • Hands on Technology Comparison
  • Tools Selection for the Problem Statement
  • Design Thinking
  • Foundations of Finance and IT
  • Financial Products
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • APIs & Automation
  • Database, Network, Blockchain Tools
  • Dev Ops

Training Roadmap

Completion of Stages 1 to 3 earns the participant an Advanced Professional Certificate in this programme.

Course Conveners

(Click their photos to view their short biographies)

ddddd Guo Lei

Dr Guo LeiDr Guo Lei

ddddd Lek Hsiang Hui

Dr Lek Hsiang HuiDr Lek Hsiang Hui

eeeee Claudia Marcusson

Ms Claudia MarcussonMs Claudia Marcusson

ddddd Dumitrel Loghin

Dr Dumitrel LoghinDr Dumitrel Loghin

eeeee Jon Scheele

Mr Jon ScheeleMr Jon Scheele

eeeee Phil A. Woods

Mr Phil A. WoodsMr Phil A. Woods

eeeee Samantha Sow

Ms Samantha SowMs Samantha Sow

eeeee Shashank Shekhar Tripathi

Mr Shashank Shekhar TripathiMr Shashank Shekhar Tripathi

eeeee Uli Hitzel

Mr Uli HitzelMr Uli Hitzel

Hear from the Participants

“NUS money app project incorporates design thinking elements with front-end and back-end development collaborated by a diversified team of individuals”

“The Programme helped me to upskill, learn and appreciate financial technology.”

“Instil the required knowledge in the fintech segment and ready to bring my skill to the next level.”

“FinMon app helps in imparting financial literacy to students in an enjoyable way and motivates them to save more.” 

“As someone with a non-technical background, I’m stoked to be given this amazing opportunity to partake in the NUS FinTech programme and empower myself with the relevant financial knowledge and technical skills required in today’s technology-driven society. In this ever-changing and unprecedented landscape, it is crucial for one to be adaptable, flexible and embrace change and I believe this programme will propel all of us forward in our career journey.”


Tan Jue Ling

NUS Communications and New Media, Class of 2020

“In an age where digitisation and collective technologies have proven their worth in helping to streamline operations, I realised that I was lacking the right background and know-hows with respect to digital solutions and the payment landscape. I’m excited to embark on this programme and develop new technical skills and financial insights, which I hope to blend with my background in design and strategic communications, to redefine myself as a stronger asset in fuelling major players to scale businesses, ideas and/or profits.”


Shaun Han

NUS Communications and New Media, Class of 2020

“Just as much as I can gain valuable experiences and knowledge from the programme, I hope I can contribute to the society through these as well”.


Muhammad Ismail

NUS Mechanical Engineering graduate, Class of 2020

Industry Experts Sentiment on FinTechSG

“Singapore is one of the core innovation hubs in Asia, and is well-positioned to leverage FinTech to create new opportunities for the economy. We aim to harness this potential by enabling aspiring talents to learn about this fast-evolving field, and encourage innovative firms to bring their proof of concepts to life by offering on-the-job training for the students. As a part of the ongoing collaborative efforts among government, academia and the industry, we believe this programme will accelerate the nation’s digital growth and empower enterprises to leverage FinTech and bolster Singapore’s virtual economy.”


Professor Alex Siow

NUS School of Computing

“From Grab to Shopee, we are using FinTech-powered platforms every day. Yet, many hesitate to dive in and learn about FinTech since it sounds distant. That is why the NUS-FinTechSG Programme is uniquely designed to make FinTech accessible, whether your background is in the arts, engineering, tourism, transportation or retail. The programme is designed in a pragmatic and approachable way, so that it can give everyone the skills needed to qualify for over 2,000 job openings in the banking and finance sectors.”


Associate Professor (Practice) Keith B. Carter

“For UBS, innovation and digitalisation are key strategic priorities. Singapore is a key regional centre for our Global Wealth Management, Investment Bank and Asset Management businesses as well as the home to our region’s UBS Evolve Innovation Center. UBS is excited to be partnering with FinTechSG to support the future of Singapore’s innovation ideas, start-ups, technology companies and the financial services sector.”


James Aylen

UBS Head of Innovation

“This is an exciting collaboration – the programme will accelerate Singapore’s SMART Nation agenda and empower FinTechs to grow Singapore’s digital economy. We are thrilled to work with the youth of today and nurture the next generation of FinTech talents in Singapore.”

Lee Li Meng

Chief Strategy Officer, Razer and Chief Executive Officer, Razer Fintech

Course Fees

Singapore Citizens
39 years old or younger
40 years old or older
Singapore PRs
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
International Participants

Total Nett Programme Fee Payable, Including GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes

Participants must fulfill at least 75% attendance and pass all assessment components to be eligible for SSG funding.

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Course Code: TGS-2020503220 (Synchronous e-learning)

Course Fees

Singapore Citizens

Singapore Citizens

39 years old or younger

Singapore Citizen

40 years old or older
Singapore PRs
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
International Participants
Funding 70% – 90% available! (Terms and Conditions apply)
Participants must fulfill at least 75% attendance and pass all assessment components to be eligible for SSG funding.
Please note that the programme does not guarantee a job placement

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