Professional Certificate in Technology-Enabled Service Innovation and Digital Innovation Leadership


Technology-Enabled Service System Design:
18 Oct (7pm – 9.45pm), 19 Oct (7pm – 9.45pm), 20 Oct (7pm – 9.15pm), 21 Oct 2023 (9am – 5.30pm) | Online

Service Analytics and Process Mining:
30 Oct, 31 Oct 2023 | 9am – 5.30pm | Classroom Learning

Digital Innovation Governance and Leadership:
6 Nov, 7 Nov 2023 | 9am – 5.30pm | Classroom Learning

Course Overview

Technology can enable organisations to create innovative and personalised services that cater to customers’ evolving needs and preferences. By taking a systemic perspective to examine their service delivery processes, organisations can better leverage technologies such as AI, data analytics, and digital platforms to deliver seamless customer experiences. More importantly, organisations need to make the right investment choices to design technology-enabled service processes that can achieve the optimal balance between humans and technology. Moreover, it is equally imperative to foster an innovation mindset in the organisation and ensure that these digital innovation mechanisms are well managed.

Course Objectives

This PC will equip learners with the following competencies:

    • Take a service system perspective to analyse service process inefficiencies and design IT-enabled service innovations;
    • Understand how business analytics can be applied to improve service delivery and apply data mining techniques to enhance service processes;
    • Appreciate the strategic and operational issues involved in governing, implementing, and leading digital innovation initiatives.

    Job Role Readiness

    This PC will prepare learners in the following job roles to perform their responsibilities more effectively:

    • Business Unit Heads
    • Senior and Middle Managers
    • Executives

    Who Should Attend

    Business Unit Heads, Senior and Middle Managers, Executives


    At least a polytechnic diploma

    Course Convener

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    ccccc Oh Lih Bin

    Assoc Prof Oh Lih BinAssoc Prof Oh Lih Bin

    Course Fees

    Singapore Citizens
    39 years old or younger
    40 years old or older
    Singapore PRs
    Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
    International Participants

    Total Nett Programme Fee Payable, Including GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes

    Participants must fulfill at least 75% attendance and pass all assessment components to be eligible for SSG funding.

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    Course Codes
    Technology-Enabled Service System Design: TGS-2022014097 (Classroom Learning) / TGS-2022014098 (Synchronous e-learning)
    Service Analytics and Process Mining: TGS-2022014099 (Classroom Learning) / TGS-2022014100 (Synchronous e-learning)
    Digital Innovation Governance and Leadership: TGS-2022014101 (Classroom Learning) / TGS-202201410 (Synchronous e-learning)