Date: 9 Jun 2022

Making decisions in real-time, answering more and more demanding customers, and managing your business in a highly competitive world are just a few challenges that a today’s manager or chief executive should be worried about. One of the most important things that a manager should carry out has been decision making. From the days of planning for building pyramids in Egypt to reviving your business after the COVID pandemic, managers always have been looking for better tools and sidekicks to help them with the process of decision making.

Modern Machine Learning (ML) techniques are amongst the most essential and efficient facilities that the 21st century’s managers can employ. Based on the vast amount of data in hand, modern ML means more accurate, timely, and inclusive decision making.

In this webinar, based on the real-world examples and scenarios, we are going to elaborate on the role of Machine Learning in managerial campaigns, in particular decision making.