Loh Yong Chye
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Mr Loh Yong Chye
NUS Advanced Computing for Executives

Do you know businesses in Singapore are undergoing Digital Transformation?
As Singapore aims to be a leading digital economy, businesses in Singapore are themselves pivoting toward digital transformation in order to thrive in the new normal.

To be able to thrive, organisations will need to leverage the data that they have in their possession in order to come up with innovative products and services. But this has to be done in the context of safeguarding and responsible use of the personal data of their customers. Failure to do so will result in the erosion of the trust and confidence the customers have in these businesses.

Businesses will have to take data protection seriously as such practices are something that customers would expect as a given moving forward.

How can businesses put in place good data protection practices?
Businesses need to adopt an accountability-based approach to safeguard personal data and use them responsibly.

They will have to set up a proper governance structure to oversee the data protection efforts and mitigate data protection risks. Implementation of data protection practices will have to be done via a data protection management programme, putting in place a process for managing data breach incidents and able to engage both internal and external stakeholders so that they can support and contribute to the success of the programme.

How to get started?
If you are the appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO) or tasked with the responsibility of managing all data protection matters within your organisation, you will need to know the “What” and more importantly, the “How” of achieving this.


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