How do we make use of technology to gain competitive advantage?

Dr Amirhasasan Monajemi
Dr Amirhasasan Monajemi
Senior Lecturer
NUS School of Computing

Article Contribution by Dr Amirhasasan Monajemi


Everyone wants to move forward and achieve more. Everyone wants to be more productive and efficient. This is the desire of every country and business in this big and complicated world. Today, the world is becoming smaller, more crowded, more competitive, and more challenging. There is no safe margin for anyone or any business on the other hand, modern technology offers you good prospects for success. In addition to your workplace and job, this involves the means to help you organise your personal life separate information from misinformation, and earn passive income. A revolutionary modern technology that will give you a better chance is predicted to disrupt many aspects of life in the 21st century: Machine Learning.

Machine Learning

Well, we are different from other animals drastically. But how? Simply, we are smarter and more intelligent than other animals. Also, we can learn and improve on our knowledge and abilities. Recently, machines, computers, and systems have become smarter and learn. Now we have got Machine Learning which is going to be the 21st century’s paradigm. In learning, generally, data is the raw material that the learners would need to learn from.

The way that a computer learns to collect, classify, and ultimately use data like a human being is called Machine Learning. In the chain of learning, the system learns to experiment and gradually makes fewer mistakes. Machine learning algorithms use selected data for modeling and training. The greater the volume of data, the better the system performance and learning, which means that the machine ultimately has got the power to learn and become and expert. As an example, the figure below shows that the growth rate of the Machine Learning market size in North America is quite fast. Even the Covid-19 pandemic not only has not decreased that, but also in contrary geared it up towards hundreds of billion dollars in 2029.


In Machine Learning, there is no vertical or horizontal limit. It can be applied almost everywhere, and the gains and achievements could be out of what we can imagine. To name but a few, sustainable development, finance and banking, driverless vehicles, surveillance systems, security, prediction, and decision making, are all new playgrounds of Machine Learning. However, to ride and roll this wave, you need to obtain Machine Learning skills.

Applied Machine Learning

Between 2015 to 2018, the number of Machine Learning-related job opportunities has increased by 344 percent, and the average salary reached S$150,000. In 2022, the figure is around 500 percent. So, this job is hot and demanding. However, you need to learn some skills to be considered a competent Machine Learning expert.

A good Machine Learning course should be scientifically and technically robust, precise, applied, updated, delivered, and supervised by experts. They should also be tangible, interactive, facilitated with reliable and proper software applications and data resources. At NUS Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE), we have developed a Machine Learning curriculum that has all the above-mentioned attributes and even more. Our plan is to train the participants so that they could articulate these attributes and be able to deploy Machine Learning in real world applications.

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