Digital Transformation – Customer Value and Business Model

Dates: 29 Jan, 30 Jan, 31 Jan 2024 | 9am – 5.30pm | Classroom Learning

Duration: 3 Days

Course Overview

Digital transformations have a very high failure rate of 70% to 92%. Reasons for transformation failure from research comprising 2970 companies, and 10074 executives globally, indicated very varied reasons for failure, substantiating that the absence of a holistic and structured approach is the leading cause of failure. The reasons for failure can be broadly categorised into four dimensions – customers, business, capabilities and people and leadership issues.

This course covers the customer and business dimensions. The customer dimension looks at how a desirable Customer Value Proposition (CVP) is derived from the following five elements – segment choice, understanding of the segment gaps, and deriving the insights from the gaps, which then allows the creation of a unique experience, that is finally backed by a robust business process re-engineering. Participants will be assigned a business use case and perform suitable exercises chosen from a total of 35 available exercises in the customer dimension to understand the key concepts and how to apply them in practice. Not deriving a desirable CVP is a key reason for digital transformation failure.

The business dimension results in the creation of a viable business model (BM). There are four elements – differentiation, path to profit, scaling and core competence gaps. Participants will be assigned selected exercises from a total of 22 to understand the key concepts and how to apply them in practice. Not creating a viable BM is another key reason for digital transformation failure.

At the end of the course, participants will gain a full appreciation of customer experience management, business process re-engineering and product design and development and how they can create a desirable CVP by designing the key considerations for each element of the customer dimension. In addition, participants will understand and appreciate the role of business innovation in deriving a viable BM.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand why a holistic approach is key in transformation to resolve the high transformation failure rates.
  • Understand what business you are in and what types of changes most drive transformation success
  • Understand how the interrelated nature of the transformation dimensions makes identifying a starting point difficult.
  • Understand how changing the elements of the customer business dimension results in business innovation
  • Appreciate how well you know your customer’s problems and practice design thinking in user experience design to make the customer the centre of all design decisions.
  • Understand why insights play such an important and often neglected role in determining customer experience management or new product design and development.
  • Understand the role of business process re-engineering in achieving your product, customer and user experience
  • Evaluate and understand how differentiated is your Customer Value Proposition
  • Understand how to craft your path to profit and how to scale your business transformation or innovation
  • Appreciate and discuss the importance of design considerations for the elements of the business dimension and how this can lead to business innovation.


  • At least 5 years experience in management and leadership positions
  • University degree in any discipline

Course Conveners

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ddddd Dennis Khoo

Dr Dennis KhooDr Dennis Khoo

eeeee Choi Jungkiu

Mr Choi JungkiuMr Choi Jungkiu

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Singapore Citizens

Singapore Citizens

39 years old or younger

Singapore Citizen

40 years old or older
Singapore PRs
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
International Participants