AI & Machine Learning

The contextual strategy and actions derived from AI solutions give companies essential competitive edges in the ever-evolving business environment. It is also the formidable force behind the smart city, internet of things, self-driving cars, and advanced manufacturing.

Machine learning allows managers to make critical business decisions and address real-world business problems with a deeper understanding of analytics tools. While data is an essential ingredient for AI with machine learning, it’s not the data itself that does the magic, but how you apply AI technologies to ‘interrogate’ them that counts.

NUS ACE provides a comprehensive suite of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses to empower participants with the capability to make data driven and evidence-based decisions. As you progress through a level, you gain knowledge that are prerequisites to the succeeding level. Taken in its entirety, all 3 levels would earn you an Advanced Professional Certificate in AI & Machine Learning.

Training Roadmap

Level 1: Professional Certificate in AI and Machine Learning Basics


Level 2: Professional Certificate in Applied Machine Learning


Level 3: Professional Certificate in Text Processing


Completion of Levels 1 to 3 curricula earns the participant an Advanced Professional Certificate in this programme