Digital Product Management: From Strategy to Execution

What is Digital Product Management and Why is it Important

Digital Product Management is the process of planning and managing digital products and services from cradle to grave. Digital technology has created opportunities for companies to disrupt competition and develop new markets globally. In today’s digital world, many companies are leveraging digital technologies to enhance the value of their products and services. Traditional products are also becoming “digital” products, as smart technologies are embedded into them to create new value. As a result, organizations are making a shift toward a digital product-centric approach to leverage digital product management in delivering these digital products and services. Digital product management also plays a key role in helping companies to drive digital transformation by offering their products and services through new channels that are built around user engagement and integrated into the consumer lifestyle, by meeting the user needs, and by delivering great user experience.

In Singapore, GovTech is positioned at the forefront of digital readiness and adoption in accelerating the development of digital products and services to meet the needs of both citizens and businesses. IMDA has also identified product development as an area of good tech jobs for Singaporeans, which will support the region’s growing demand for digital solutions. These are technology roles that are responsible for developing a strategy, roadmap and features for products, such as data analysts, program managers and data scientists. Tech talent in these roles help create, build and scale digital products. To successfully deliver business value to customers and stakeholders, many companies have included a common thread that runs through many of their newer job descriptions in their recruitment drives, which outlines the roles and responsibilities to deliver digital products.

Over the course of these lectures, participants will be able to:
1. Use the digital product management framework to manage a digital product successfully through its life cycle.
2. Create an effective product pitch for a new product idea using the product management framework.

Given the emerging function and role of product managers in today’s digital world, this course is designed to equip attendees with a practical and interactive learning experience and the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to manage digital products at technology and high-tech companies.

This course is targeted towards those who wants to learn the skills and techniques to manage effectively digital products from cradle to grave. There are no prerequisites for this course as the material will cover the basics of digital product management. The course will be delivered in English.

• Foundations of digital product management
• Product strategy
• Product planning and execution
• Final product presentation

Dr Amirhassan Monajemit Lee Boon Kee
Boon Kee is a fervent advocate for building products that matter. Graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Information Systems and Computer Science in 1989. Started building software products in early career as a software engineer and then went into IT consulting working in companies such as HP, Sun Microsystems and Accenture. Started journey into product management in 2012 by engaging with several companies on their digital transformation journeys to help them move from a project-driven to a product-centric business model in delivering digital products and services. Teaching Digital Product Management for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as working professionals in Singapore for past 10 years.