The word “Metaverse” has gained in popularity recently thanks to great interest shown by IT giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia and Google. Famously, Facebook even changed its name to Meta to signify its renewed focus in the field. Yet, despite the great attention paid to the topic in recent times, surprisingly few people really know what it really means. What’s even more interesting is that the idea of the Metaverse isn’t really new at all, as scientists around the world have been thinking about it for over half a century already! What do they know about the Metaverse that everyone else doesn’t, and how will that knowledge change the way people work, play, live and love in this new and exciting revolution? More importantly, how can the Metaverse be used to make the world a better place for everyone?
Come on a journey with NUS’s very own thought leader in all things Metaverse to discover what the Metaverse really is (or should be!) and see for yourself how you could change the world through the Metaverse. Who knows, you may just uncover hidden gems that have not even been discovered yet!

In this programme, participants will be introduced to the science behind the state-of-the-art technologies that make up the Metaverse. They will learn about how each of the technologies play their own unique and important role in creating, maintaining and interacting with the Metaverse. Participants will then learn how to solve real-world problems by utilizing the power of the Metaverse.

Unlike the hype that is proliferated by the media about the Metaverse, with much of it being speculative or shallow in nature, this course deals with the science of the Metaverse, hence giving participants the opportunity to learn about the Metaverse from first principles and unbiased perspectives. The instructor is also one of the Singaporean pioneers in the field, having done scientific research and created numerous successful Metaverse-related systems throughout his career. Therefore, participants will get the opportunity to learn from a certified scientific expert in the field of the Metaverse.

This course is targeted towards those who intend to follow a career in IT-related topics.
There are no prerequisites for this course as the material will cover the basics of the Metaverse.
The course will be delivered in English.

• Introduction to the metaverse
• Understanding the digital twin of the physical world
• Understanding how to make the metaverse sustainable
• Experiencing and interacting in the metaverse
• User experience design
• Final presentations

Dr Lu Weiquan Dr Lu Weiquan
Weiquan is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing in NUS who examines the User Experience (UX) Design of technologicallyempowered learning environments. He designs and utilizes experiential learning technology (such as simulations, Augmented and Virtual Reality) in the courses he teaches, and his education research interests include figuring out how all this technology tangibly and measurably affects human learning using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He also advises the government in the fields of UX design and experiential learning, and he develops Metaverse applications for industry clients. He holds a B.Comp. in Computing and a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NUS.