Programme Highlights


Transformation of Industry through Public Private Partnership: 100E and Apprenticeship Program - Laurence Liew, Director AI Industry Innovation and AI Singapore

AI Innovation is a strategic thrust that aims to broaden the use and adoption of AI in Singapore.​ In AI Singapore's 100​ Experiments (100E)​ Programme, companies with a significant industry problem will be matched with AI researchers in Singapore to work on their problem statement. And through the same programme, apprentices from the AI Apprenticeship Programme will get on-the-job training by working on a real world AI problem, guided by AI Singapore's mentors and 100E researchers.


Actionable Intelligence and Innovation -  Donald Farmer, Principal Treehive Strategy

Ask a CEO about their priorities in today’s economy and “Innovation” will be near the top of their list. But ask them how they are measuring and analyzing innovation - or even how they define the term - and you’ll struggle to get an answer. In this presentation we’ll consider how innovation can be measured and the important role that analytics plays in that process. We’ll also consider the importance of innovation to the practice of analytics itself, in particular how new tools and techniques can change the way we think about our organizations and the work we do.


“Eureka! AI” - Yu Chien Siang, Adjunct Professor

There is no greater feeling than the Eureka moment; when we could suddenly join the dots after many hours of hard thinking to realise a core insight. Like Archimedes, we shout out loud – EUREKA! This is how we should start learning today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning, which is not only highly complex and controversial, but requires a strong programming and mathematical background to get through its technical depths. Hence, this presentation will be exceptional by striving to be technically forceful, comprehensive and exciting, yet it is essentially a non-technical primer, albeit of a very, very difficult topic, i.e. AI which is now touted to be the new ELECTRICITY.

Importantly, AI is more than the modern invention of FIRE or ELECTRICITY. It is the most revolutionary development that will bring benefits and impact to every sector of our economy but would also probably kill millions of jobs. Hence, we will need to ponder over its future effects (for the next 20 years). The key questions are: why and how it works, what aspects are now highly mature and ready for primetime and how to exploit AI to transform our new business models that would be the crux of our Smart Nation. We will witness disruptions that will be most rewarding, doubling our GDP if we get it right. If we don’t, our companies will perish. Do not be left behind. Start this discourse now and understand these issues deeply, and get ready for the tidal wave of impending changes, driven by AI.