Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation – Digital Marketing and e-Commerce


Digital Marketing:
16 Jan (7pm-10.45pm), 17 Jan (7pm-10.45pm), 18 Jan (7pm-10.45pm), 20 Jan (10am-6.30pm), 23 Jan (7pm-10.45pm) and 24 Jan (7pm-10.45pm) 2024 | Online


Introduction to E-Commerce:
27 Jan (10am-6.30pm), 29 Jan (7pm-10.45pm), 30 Jan (7pm-10.45pm), 31 Jan (7pm-10.45pm), 3 Feb (10am-6.30pm) 2024 | Online

Duration: 7 Days

Course Overview

With the sudden need to transform digitally due to the current situation, companies do not have the luxury of time to test and experiment their digitalisation journey. Therefore, companies need to know what are key considerations for decision making in the online and ecommerce space, how to shorten execution timeline by understanding different aspects of digital marketing, and what are some key building blocks in developing their eCommerce strategy.

This course is part of the NUS Digital Transformation Programme

Course Objectives

In this PC, participants will learn how to grow business revenue with innovative digital marketing and e-commerce

They will learn:

  • The fundamentals of digital marketing 
  • Overview of different aspects of digital marketing e.g. 
    • Paid advertising
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Sales Conversion Optimization
    • Google Analytics
  • The concept of Marketing Funnel
  • Marketing Metrics & Campaign Evaluation
  • Understand e-commerce insights and trends 
  • eCommerce: vs Marketplace
  • Appreciation of different eCommerce web builder platforms. E.g.
    • WordPress + WooCommerce
    • Shopify
    • Self-built
  • Appreciation of different eCommerce marketplace

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Develop and implement a digital marketing strategy for their product lines
  • Learn how to read and understand data from analytics tools and gain actionable insights to enhance their digital marketing strategy
  • Develop and implement an e-commerce strategy

Job Role Readiness

It will prepare learners for the following job roles:

  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Executive
  • Digital Operations Manager
  • Digital Project Manager

Experience and Impact

With increasing numbers of businesses going online and the expanding consumer appetite towards eCommerce, it begs the question:

  • How are different businesses using digital marketing to grow?
  • Does every business use similar strategies?
  • What are the different business models out there?
  • What to look out for as I scale beyond my borders?
  • What is the difference when it comes to an eCommerce business, a service-based business or even an entity trying to fight for a cause?
  • Should an eCommerce business focus on having its own Would presence only on the marketplace suffice? When should we consider a hybrid approach?

If you are curious about these, you are definitely asking the right questions. In fact, these are some of the burning questions that our learners have, and you will be at the right place to find these answers.

During this programme, you will be taken on a journey to discover the many different channels and aspects of digital marketing.

The first part of this programme is meant to help you understand how each channel works, the expectations you can have for them when you use them right, the potential pitfalls to avoid and how to evaluate these campaigns. These will be substantiated with examples and case studies.

We will then be taking on a higher altitude point-of-view to look at everything in a bird’s eye view – how can different channels come together to propel your business forward and bring you across borders?

The second part of this programme will bring you deeper into eCommerce as we look into and marketplaces. There will be an exciting hands-on session where you will be building your own store on Shopee as you learn about the dos and don’ts with us.

Here you will also understand the considerations you need to look out for when deciding which platform to choose for your, whether should you go for, marketplace only or a hybrid model and much more.

Through this 2-part programme, learners get to develop a marketing mindset and learn to see the world from the lens of a marketer.


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Introduction to the Digital Realm: Opportunities and Different Business Models
  • Designing an Online Brand: Creating an Online Identity & Domain Selection
  • Opportunities in the Digital Realm
  • Marketing Fundamentals: Creating Customer Avatars & Value Proposition
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • The Starting Point: Driving Traffic with The Different Aspects of Digital Marketing
  • The Starting Point: Marketing Funnel
  • The Planning Phase: Budgeting
  • The Planning Phase: What is Your Marketing Mechanism
  • Execution & Measurement: Understanding Your Numbers
  • Execution & Measurement: How to Evaluate Your Campaigns
  • Other Marketing Matters: Talents & Trends
  • Introduction to E-Commerce

Who Should Attend

Professionals who are moving into digital marketing and e-commerce projects & operations functions.


At least a polytechnic diploma (or equivalent) with 5 years managerial exposure

Programme Format

  • Breakout Group Discussion
  • Live Online Teaching
  • Real Life Case Studies


E-commerce sales in Singapore are expected to reach US$14 billion (S$19.6 billion) by 2027 (The Straits Times, 2022)

Digital consumers in Southeast Asia are expected to account for about 88% of the population – or 402 million people – by 2027 (Meta and Bain & Company’s SYNC Southeast Asia Report 2022)

Course Conveners

(Click their photos to view their short biographies)

eeeee Audrey Ling

Ms Audrey LINGMs Audrey Ling

eeeee Omid Abbasi

Omid AbbasiMr Omid Abbasi

Insights from Course Conveners

Singapore’s digital penetration rate will exceed 93% by 2025 (, 2022). Any entity, be it commercial or non-commercial, across various industries has seen it a priority to establish a digital presence. If you are in a company or plan to start a company which intends to digitally drive sales, get leads or bring awareness, then this is a course for you to participate in.

Audrey Ling

Course Fees

Singapore Citizens
39 years old or younger
40 years old or older
Singapore PRs
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
International Participants

Total Nett Programme Fee Payable, Including GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes

Participants must fulfill at least 75% attendance and pass all assessment components to be eligible for SSG funding.

To enquire, email

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Course Codes
Digital Marketing: TGS-2021007492 (Classroom Learning) / TGS-2022014564 (Synchronous e-learning)
Introduction to E-Commerce : TGS-2021007493

Insights from Participants

This course is helpful in preparating for a start up.
Christopher Tan

Great introductory course for beginners without any knowledge in Digital Marketing. Various concepts are taught and this will be beneficial to the participants when embarking on a career in Digital Marketing. Ms Audrey Ling is extremely knowledgeable and provided many real world examples to provide better clarity to various concepts taught.
Shawn Chang

Great place to learn Digital Marketing.
Zen Kuik Cher Nee

Very insightful course to learn about essential knowledge in Digital Marketing.
Wu Youzhang

Great course which provided insights on current digital marketing technologies, trends and developments.
Edmund Choo

Good introductory course on digital marketing.
Ang Liang

I have learnt a lot about digital marketing and Audrey had provided useful tips and tools.
Titus Lim

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