Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation –
Digital Capability and Agility


Digital Transformation – Getting it Right From the Start:
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Design Thinking: Creative and Strategic Business Solutions:
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Digital Transformation – User Case Generation, Selection, and Prioritization:
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Digital Transformation – Leadership and Agility:
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Duration: 7 Days

Course Objective

This programme introduces the concepts of digital transformation and maturity model. Before an organisation is able to develop its digital capability and agility, it needs to understand the level of its digital maturity. Based on this, the organisation can then develop the roadmap to develop its digital capability.

The programme covers definitions, pitfalls and typical failure factors, digital maturity model, design thinking, user case creation and prioritization, roadmap formulation, and strategy to tap on and engage vendors. It also emphasises how to tackle the “unknown unknowns”, particularly in a rapidly changing environment and demographic configuration in Singapore.

This PC will equip learners with the following competencies:
• Cognizant of the pillars of digital transformation
• Have a good understanding of the stages of digital transformation
• Capacity to assess own organisation’s maturity stage
• Ability to identify the relevant KPIs to measure and reflect on use case implementations
• Cognizant of how to identify lighthouse projects to jumpstart digital transformation journey
• Understand the dimensions of enterprise agility
• Know what is needed to build technology capability as a core differentiator for the organisation
• Know how to develop human capital and manage talents (recruitment and retention) for a digitally charged organisation.

Job Role Readiness

Upon completion of the programme, learners should know:
• How to develop a digital transformation roadmap and measures.
• How to identify, create, and implement use cases.
• How to identify the lighthouse project.
• How to scale-up.
• How to realign the business to focus more on customer value.
• How to build a responsive and agile organisation to deal with speed and ambiguity.
• How to build next-generation technology capability as a core differentiator.
• How to uplift employee digital competencies and foster a digitally charged workplace.

It will prepare learners in the following job roles to perform their responsibilities more effectively:
• Executives and Managers who are involved (to be involved) in Digital Transformation in their organisation
• Middle to senior management executives and directors who are involved (to be involved) in championing and leading Digital Transformation in their organisation

Programme Structure

Who Should Attend

Executives and Managers who are involved (to be involved) in Digital Transformation in their organisation.


Polytechnic Diploma (or equivalent) and 5 years of working experience.

Course Conveners

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ccccc Tan Chuan Hoo

Assoc Prof Tan Chuan HooAssoc Prof Tan Chuan Hoo

ddddd Guo Lei

Dr Guo LeiDr Guo Lei

Course Fees

Singapore Citizens
39 years old or younger
40 years old or older
Singapore PRs
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
International Participants

Total Nett Programme Fee Payable, Including GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes

Participants must fulfill at least 75% attendance and pass all assessment components to be eligible for SSG funding.

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