Prelude to Digitalization in Healthcare –
Care and Patient Journey

Dates: To be advised

Duration: 3 Days

Course Overview

Healthcare as with other industries is facing disruptions by technology and digitalisation. How are these evolving developments affect us in our roles as a healthcare administrator, healthcare worker, clinical professionals, clinicians and as patients. In parallel, we are having professional in other sectors who are considering mid-career switch to healthcare or technology providers who are interested to adapt their solutions for the healthcare sector in Singapore.

This course will provide a global view of technology in Singapore Healthcare. Participants will be introduced to some of the technology development in healthcare and various patient journeys.

Patient journeys can be mapped into processes which is an effective way for existing healthcare professionals to use for transformation work in their areas of responsibility. Non healthcare professionals could use these mapped processes to decide their interest and relevance of their experience to each healthcare processes.

Course Objectives

The course provides a basic knowledge for both existing and none healthcare professionals to be equipped for subsequent courses in healthcare digitalization like Healthcare Logistics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Existing Healthcare Professionals
    • The course will provide the knowledge of current healthcare technology
    • Exposure to a tool to define processes and system thinking to map the various patient journeys that will help to bring value to their areas of work
    • Understand the policies, technology and regulatory compliance in their transformation journey
  • Non-Healthcare Professionals – Non IT
    • Professionals who are looking at career switch
    • Determine whether their professional knowledge can be used in Healthcare
    • Brief introduction to various Healthcare processes and workflows
  • Non-Healthcare Professionals – IT
    • IT professionals who wants to contribute in a healthcare environment
    • Understands the areas of Healthcare IT where their experience and knowledge can be relevant
    • Identify areas where technology from other sectors could be used in Healthcare
  • Technologies and Innovation in Healthcare
    • Technologies from other sectors such as logistics can be adapted into Healthcare. These are proven knowledge and technology that can be adapted into healthcare. It shortens learning curve, increase success probability and accelerate the achievement of tangible outcomes
    • Professionals from other industries are valuable resource who can quick adapt and transfer best practices, knowhow and experience into healthcare
    • Introduction to Supply chain principles to Healthcare


Day One

  • Introduction to Digitalization in Healthcare (Singapore)
    • Consumer healthcare devices
    • Professional healthcare devices @ home
    • Healthcare equipment and devices @ healthcare facilities
    • Hospital Information System
    • Electronic Medical Record System
    • Ancillary Systems: Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy and Imaging system
    • National Electronic Health Record

Day Two

  • Introduction to Principles and Outcomes of Healthcare Digitalization Principles
    • Patient Safety and Certifications
    • Medical Practices and Protocols
    • Regulatory and legislative Compliance
    • MOH /RHS Strategies and Programs
    • Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) / Privacy
    • Data Security / Cybersecurity / Auditable trail/ Digital Evidence
    • “Life Long” Medical record
  • Outcomes
    • Creating value to Patient / Clinical Delivery Journey
    • Increasing Clinical / Delivery Quality
    • Creating Care Continuum
    • Supporting Patient / managing Chronic Diseases / ensuring patient compliance
    • Automate Patient treatment / care
    • Automate Patient Care delivery
    • Accurate Aggregation of Data: Clinical / Demographic / careplans / outcome

Day Three

  • Introduction to System Design, Data Architecture, Data Management and Analytics
    • System Design Principles and Healthcare Used Case
    • Data Standards and Integration
    • Data Architecture: Standards and integrity (Gold standard)
    • Data management, Risk and Privacy
    • Analytics: Big Data, Analytics Tools and AI
  • Introduction to Supply chain principles to Healthcare

Who Should Attend

  • Existing Healthcare Professionals
  • Non-Healthcare Professionals – Non IT
  • Non-Healthcare Professionals – IT


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Mr Teo Chin SengMr Teo Chin Seng

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Singapore Citizens
39 years old or younger
40 years old or older
Singapore PRs
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
International Participants

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Course Fee Breakdown

Singapore Citizens

Singapore Citizens

39 years old or younger

Singapore Citizen

40 years old or older
Singapore PRs
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
International Participants