How to reach the Senior Executive level in a career?
How to become a CEO, COO, CIO, CPO, CMO, Director?
Hear from Prof Alex Siow, Director of Advanced Computing for Executives, NUS and Mr John Masud Parvez, Founder and President of VSHR in this video!
Prof Siow was the CIO in 1989, and John is the CIO of the 2020s. So both C level speakers shared different aspects​, tips, hacks, perspectives, lessons learnt from their respective life stories to help others achieve success in life.
They will be covering the following points:
–           What are the skillsets you had to build to become a Managing director (C level executive)?
–           How did you build these skillsets?
–           What is the fundamental approach in your teaching method?
–           What is the 5 technology you think will shape the next new era (2020 – 2025)?
–           When you initiate a digital transformation, what are the top things that you focus on? What are the key areas that you focus on? And how do you plan the initial digital transformation approach?
–           How do you manage and handle challenges?
–           How do you make your day effective?
–           If an entrepreneur is already profitable in their business, when do you recommend that entrepreneur to go into IPO?