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22 Mon

Future of Branding and Retail

This course uniquely covers the exciting transformations that will reshape the Retail channel which is now both digital and physical wrapping around the whole consumer experience.  The impact of Internet of Things, mobile devices, cyber security, pervasive monitoring, privacy and machine learning on the Retail channel will be discussed. How Retailers must urgently take a…

01 Aug

Actionable Intelligence

Achieving the dream that business intelligence practitioners have been chasing since the concept itself came into being. This module will explain what happens when team members have accurate, reliable, usable, and timely information at their fingertips. Leveraging big data, the module provides the expert guidance on the essential first steps a company needs to take…

August 1
22 Aug

Eureka! AI

This course is a non-technical primer, of a difficult topic, Artificial Intelligence (AI, Deep Learning), but it will still go very deep in a way that a layman can understand. It offers a comprehensive scope, not only of the benefits, but also about what works, what is mature, how to get AI to work for…

August 22
12 Sep


Digital currencies like Bitcoins have created a different, faster and potentially cheaper way of monetary transfers. The technology behind Bitcoins, namely Blockchain or more broadly the distributed ledger system, has brought big impact on financial services. A blockchain is a distributed database of ownership records (public ledger) of all transactions. A blockchain is irrevocable once…

September 12
07 Nov

Analytics for Capital Market Trading

This course offers a broad coverage of quantitative trading and financial portfolio optimization, which consists of trading strategies based on quantitative analysis. It will also aim to identify trading opportunities, practices, optimal execution and placements of trading on current technological platforms. Regulations and risk management of quantitative trading will also be emphasized. Course Objectives API…

November 7 - November 8
19 Nov

IT in Fintech

This course introduces participants to new platforms in the financial industry to meet existing needs, or to reach out to new markets. There will be an emphasis on platforms to help end consumers through transactions, payment systems, and loans. Participants will get an appreciation for innovation in FinTech, and understand the changing landscape. They will…

November 19 - November 20
31 Dec

Big Data Analytics and Strategy

With the increased production of data and the storage and availability of digital data, organizations have become more of a data business. By “data business”, organizations can make use of the data it has stored to make better decisions and improve its operations, or it can turn data into its additional business by monetizing the…

December 31
31 Dec

Human Capital Strategy to Empower your Digital Journey

Interest in key enabling technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, Robotics, Wearables are growing exponentially in Asia. These technologies present both opportunities and threats to businesses and companies now feel it is imperative for them to have a digital strategy to harness these technologies for their benefit. Such disruptive technologies has broken down…

December 31
31 Dec

Customer Analytics

Happy Customers, Happy Business Harness the power of R and data analytics to keep your customers engaged and happy. A successful business must manage relationships with a massive number of customers. As every manager knows, maintaining good customer relationships is a significant cost. Even minor failures of relationship management can escalate into damaging and expensive…

December 31