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Human Capital Strategy to Empower your Digital Journey

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Interest in key enabling technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, Robotics, Wearables are growing exponentially in Asia. These technologies present both opportunities and threats to businesses and companies now feel it is imperative for them to have a digital strategy to harness these technologies for their benefit. Such disruptive technologies has broken down traditional roles and responsibilities as leaders realised that it is increasingly difficult to clearly define a role and skillsets. In fact, quite commonly, executives are required to have a good understanding of more than one or two skillsets as well as a balanced experience and background. Overlap of skills across teams are now necessary and work scope boundaries once designed to optimize human resource operations are now being barriers to innovation and digital adoption. The aim of this course is to introduce the trends and challenges in a proper human capital strategy in team design, and how to attract and retain such key talents in a competitive market, through a variety of real-life scenarios and case studies covering large corporations to SME and to startups. The course will demonstrate how clarity in team design, skills mix and retaining a non-traditional talent demographic workforce is key to implementing your company’s digital strategy. Course Outline
  1. Introduction to disruptive and enabling technologies
  2. Introduction to trend towards a decentralized economy and impact to human resources
  3. CTO vs CIO vs CDO – Increasingly important distinctions and areas of responsibilities
  4. Organization Design Models – Technology driven by business or the reverse
  5. Demographics of talents needed for new technologies
  6. Traditional T-Based Competency Skills Model vs New Skills Assessment Models
Key Learning Points – Disruptions to the talent market and demographics of talent pools with the right skill sets – War on talent surrounding new and deep technology and its impact to companies – Right-sourcing and best-sourcing: how to acquire, attract and retain the right skill mix for your company’s digital journey. – Changing roles and responsibilities, and the need for a cross-skill sets workforce – How to keep your workforce relevant in the rapidly changing environments caused by disruptive technologies – How to add transparency and optimise the shortlist and hiring process of new/deep tech workforce with the relevant skill sets using publicly available resources Who should attend?
  • C-level executives, C-level minus 1
  • Those who are planning for major disruption strategy anchored on deep tech and interested in understanding the human capital strategy necessary to implement their digital strategy
  • Those looking to engage in the latest technology and understanding changes to traditional job roles and how to attract and retain talents in the new economy
Course Duration: 1 day Course Fees Full course fees: $1284 (inclusive of GST) Download course brochure Download registration form and email to soc-ace@nus.edu.sg