Director’s Message

Back in 1999, I wrote an article about getting ourselves prepared for impending changes to business brought about by technological advancement, in case our jobs become obsolete. Little did I know that what I envisaged as a big flood has gathered momentum over the years and became a tsunami. The pace of change accelerated so much over the years that those businesses that failed to keep up with the changes and failed to adopt emerging technologies found themselves in danger of becoming obsolete and going out of business.

Here at the Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE), our mission is to equip business leaders with technological know-how to understand the impact of emerging technologies to their business. Backed by world-class researchers and academics from the School of Computing of the National University of Singapore, ACE delivers industry-oriented courses for C-level executives to empower them with knowledge to re-engineer and revitalize their business with cutting-edge technology.

Business transformation, led by empowered and enlightened leaders, can only occur when there is a complementary team of technically competent professionals. Under the umbrella of ACE, the Strategic Technology Management Institute (STMI), conducts relevant Continuing Professional Education for the professionals and managers responsible for the execution of new technology-based business strategies.

We invite you to take a journey with us and prepare your staff and your business for the challenge of Digital Transformation to meet the challenges of the times.


Professor Alex Siow

Director, ACE