Digital Marketing Analytics: Data Analysis, Forecasting and Storytelling

Duration: 6 weeks excluding 1 week of orientation

Course format: Online

Course fees: S$2,056

Course Overview

For today’s marketing professional, simply knowing your customer is no longer enough. You need to understand the trends driving consumer behaviour and adapt accordingly if you want to stay ahead in our fast-paced digital world. With innovations in marketing analytics, you can use data to make informed decisions and drive business value. But data is meaningless unless you have the skills to analyse and present it with clarity.

Gain tools and techniques to transform data into actionable and strategic insights on the Digital Marketing Analytics: Data Analytics, Forecasting and Storytelling online short course from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE). Over six weeks, you’ll learn how to weave an engaging story with your data and build your own Tableau dashboard to effectively communicate your findings. Guided by experts, you’ll also discover how to use forecasting, predictive analytics, audience segmentation, cluster analysis and text mining to inform marketing decisions. Ultimately, this course will help you to enhance the experience and satisfaction of the most crucial element of business success: your customers.

Course Objectives

This course focuses on using data analysis to help make strategic marketing decisions related to your customers and business strategy. It begins with an introduction into the marketing analytics process, and how data analytics can be used to build customer profiles. Then, you’ll discover how to turn data into stories and insights using design principles and the practical application of visualisation techniques. You’ll explore marketing use-cases to further your understanding of forecasting models, and discover how to predict customer retention through statistical techniques. In the next section of the course, you’ll learn how to employ tools to effectively segment your customers and create a targeted marketing strategy. Guided by experts from NUS ACE, you’ll find out how to create a simple yet effective dashboard in Tableau and build classification models in Orange, a tool for data visualisation, machine learning and data mining. Finally, you’ll explore how to extract meaningful insights from text data and learn how to apply sentiment analysis to real-world data to better understand the customer experience.

Learning Outcomes

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Captivate your audience with data storytelling: Discover the fundamental design principles required to effectively visualise and communicate data.
  • Help make better marketing decisions: Use computational methods to transform data into significant insights that inform your consumer-facing strategies, and discover the metrics to track their success.
  • Keep customers coming back: Create a targeted marketing strategy that involves cluster analysis, forecasting, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis to drive customer loyalty.
  • Work with industry-recommended tools: Work with industry-recommended tools


  • An introduction to marketing analytics, metrics and data visualisation
  • Data storytelling: creating powerful data dashboards in Tableau
  • Forecasting in marketing and performance analysis
  • Predictive analytics for customer retention strategies
  • Tools and techniques for effective targeting: segmentation and cluster analysis
  • Customer experience analysis to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those who are interested in collecting and analysing marketing data to present to senior executives. As a result, it’s aimed at new and mid-to-senior marketing and analytics professionals who want practical training in data storytelling using Tableau, as well as various other data analysis techniques relevant to marketing. The course content may also benefit those receiving and interpreting marketing data to make informed marketing decisions and strategies that lead to business success. These include senior business or marketing executives, and key decision makers who are concerned with reducing risk and making their strategies as airtight as possible.


No prerequisites

Technical Requirements

  • Access to a computer and the internet (Google Chrome is the recommended choice of browser)
  • A current email account
  • Access to a PDF reader
  • Access to software for viewing presentations, reading and creating documents and working with spreadsheets (eg. Microsoft Office)

Course Convenor

Dr Guo LeiDr Guo Lei
Executive Education Fellow, National University of Singapore (NUS), Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE)

Dr Guo Lei holds a PhD in Marketing from University of Exeter, an MBA from University of Adelaide University and a BA in Literature from Beijing Normal University.

Starting her career in Singapore as a marketing practitioner, Dr Guo worked across manufacturing, entertainment and education industries. She was the Chief Representative in China for a Singapore listed company. She was also responsible for setting up Shanghai Office and promoting executive education programmes for NUS Business School in Greater China market.