Change Management for Digital Transformation

Duration: 6 weeks excluding orientation

Course format: Online

Course fees: S$2,056

Course Overview

Digital transformation is imperative for business success, but transformation can be unsettling for employees. Seamless change management is critical to getting your team’s buy-in, mitigating risk and creating a culture that enables sustainable change.

This Change Management for Digital Transformation online short course from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE) will enable you to best gauge your organisation’s preparedness for a digital change, and plan for it in a way that considers and manages its impact on all stakeholders. Over six weeks, you’ll gain a robust framework to help you identify areas of your business that require change management, and analyse the organisational and people-related risk areas brought about by digital transformation.

On completion of this course, you’ll walk away with a tailored digital transformation change plan to successfully manage and sustain change in your company and increase buy-in at the individual, team and organisational level.

Course Objectives

Throughout the six weeks of this course, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of what areas in your organisation are changing and how that change is being managed. You’ll discover how to create a compelling change narrative for your business that inspires, motivates and increases buy-in, while assessing the potential gaps and opportunities in your company’s preparedness and capacity for change. Next, you’ll learn how to develop a change plan for a digital project within your business, and evaluate its change metrics and key performance indicators. Finally, you’ll leave the course with a digital culture plan to help you sustain change in your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Mitigate the risks of change: Discover new approaches to successfully manage the change required for effective digital transformation.
  • Lead a digital transformation: Develop plans to effectively initiate and manage change projects in your business context.
  • Lead change that lasts: Measure the effectiveness of your change plan using change metrics and key performance indicators.
  • Ensure company-wide support: Formulate compelling change narratives that motivate and increase stakeholder buy-in within your organisation.


  • Rethinking how you manage change for digital transformation
  • Constructing a compelling narrative for change
  • Preparing for change
  • Managing change
  • Monitoring and measuring change
  • Establishing a sustainable digital culture

Who Should Attend

This course will help executives make their vision of digital transformation a reality, and enable them to plan, manage and monitor external stakeholder expectations effectively. Leaders who want to understand the negative effects change can have on employees and how best to avoid these will benefit from learning how to keep their business running successfully while ensuring their employees are happy and motivated. Professionals will also be equipped with an understanding and appreciation of what it takes to implement and manage digital change that lasts.


No prerequisites

Technical Requirements

  • Access to a computer and the internet (Google Chrome is the recommended choice of browser)
  • A current email account
  • Access to a PDF reader
  • Access to software for viewing presentations, reading and creating documents and working with spreadsheets (eg. Microsoft Office)

Course Convenor

Dr Yong Hsin NingDr Yong Hsin Ning
Executive Education Fellow, National University of Singapore (NUS), Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE)

Dr Yong Hsin Ning graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Accountancy. She subsequently pursued her interest in the field of Organisational Behaviour at the University of New South Wales, where she obtained a Masters in Commerce specialising in Organisation and Management Studies. She continued her lifelong learning journey by pursuing a Ph.D. in General Management at SMU where she studied the decision-making anomaly of part-time knowledge workers voluntarily working overtime.

Ms Stacey HuangMs Stacey Huang
Executive Education Fellow, National University of Singapore (NUS), Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE)

Ms Stacey Huang has a double degree in Bachelor of Psychology and Bachelor of Business Management from the Singapore Management University (SMU). She has attained 3 years consecutive Dean’s list (2005, 2006, 2007) and graduated with Magna Cum Laude. Stacey also has a Msc. Industrial and Organisational Psychology/ Business Psychology from the University College London (UCL), London.