Want to transform yourself by gaining AI know how? Want to help your company succeed?
This Eureka! AI course is for you! All in a day, you will learn how to get AI to work for the new business models that will be revolutionary.
There is no greater feeling than the Eureka moment; when we could suddenly join the dots to grasp a core insight. Like Archimedes, we shout out loud – EUREKA! This is how we will teach AI. Although AI is highly complex, controversial and requires a programming and mathematical background to get through its technical depths, we have developed a new style of training that is exceptional, technically forceful, strategic and exciting, yet it is essentially light-hearted and anecdotal on AI’s emergence, now to be visualized as the new ELECTRICITY.
This short course will also cover the key transformations and the exciting Smart Nation initiatives that will drive businesses in the next few years. There is an urgent need to know what will be available, the cost structures of AI systems and software, and how best to take a big “leap forward” in attaining higher productivity, automation and new value for customers. “AI First” is the new buzzword for enterprise transformation!
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