AI in Finance: Delivering Business Value

Duration: 6 weeks excluding orientation
Course format: Online
Course fees: S$2,056

Course Overview

Understand the real-world applications of AI-based financial solutions and how to leverage them to create business value.

Course Objectives

There is a misconception that AI is removing the human element from the world of finance. However, keeping up with early adopters of technology is becoming critical for organisations to remain competitive. Innovations such as process automation, machine learning and predictive analytics are largely designed to enhance the work people are already doing by speeding up processes and improving decision-making.

On the AI in Finance: Delivering Business Value online short course from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE), you’ll learn how to manage the design, development and deployment of AI solutions within your organisation. You’ll be equipped with the critical fundamental knowledge to identify value-producing solutions for your organisation, and the skills to commercialise them. With the guidance of expert NUS faculty, this non-technical course will help you examine the potential of AI for your business and start your journey towards innovation.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, you’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the fundamentals of how AI works within finance.
  • The ability to assess the ethical considerations and compliance issues surrounding AI in finance.
  • The knowledge to assess and predict AI finance trends.
  • The ability to recommend ways for your organisation to commercialise an AI finance solution.
  • Unlimited access to 2U’s Career Engagement Network, offering you exclusive resources and events to support your professional journey and drive your career forward.


  • AI and data science
  • The application of AI in finance
  • Planning and managing AI in finance projects
  • Managing AI pitfalls, ethical considerations and regulatory compliance
  • Managing AI innovation in finance
  • The future of AI in finance: Management perspectives

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for executives, professionals and managers who want to recognise and recommend AI financial solutions that drive business value. The non-technical content will guide decision makers who wish to understand the requirements for implementing AI solutions within their organisations. It also gives business leaders seeking to learn more about the fundamentals of how AI works a clear understanding of their commercial applications within their business.



Technical Requirements


Course Convenor

Mr Sarat MohantyMr Sarat Mohanty
Executive Education Fellow, Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE), National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing

Mr Sarat holds Digital Transformation Specialization from MIT-USA, MBA degree in Strategic Management (UK), Postgraduate in IT(India), Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Sarat is an adjunct professor at NUS – AIDF (1st Fintech University in Asia) of Digital Transformation In Banking Industry & at SP Jain Global Management (Singapore) of Supply Chain Sustainability (ESG), Supply Chain Management & Financial Management In Supply Chain. Sarat is also a certified Six Sigma process expert & certified Project Management Professional.

Mr Zaid Bin HamzahMr Zaid Bin Hamzah
Executive Education Fellow, Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE), National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing

Mr Zaid Bin Hamzah is a data and AI practitioner. He is currently Managing Partner behind the brand, a platform that builds capabilities of legal & business professionals in Legal AI/Analytics and Legal Data Science.