Find Us at MAS Talent Pavilion at Singapore FinTech Festival 2020

Date: 7 – 11 December 2020


We have an upcoming array of exciting roundtable discussions on 8-10 December as part of the Talent Pavilion series at the Singapore Fintech Festival. This series will feature industry experts from the private and public sector who will be speaking on various issues like upskilling and digital transformation in organisations, with Prof Keith Carter as the moderator on 8 and 10 December. Whether you are a student, fresh graduate, mid-career professional or business owner, there’s something for you so head over to or scan the QR code for the details!







Professor Alex Siow

Advanced Computing for Executives

“Modern businesses are empowered by a set of technologies that helps with business transactions, payments, workflow and delivery, which we collectively call Financial Technology or FinTech. Technologies that used to be at the back-end of companies, are moving to the front to be a source of competitiveness and creating jobs for IT professionals who are equipped with such skills.”